We invite researchers, practitioners, graduates and students from related discipline, as well as professionals in applied fields of work, to submit research and scientific papers and projects addressing innovative and multidisciplinary approach to the thermic, visual, acoustic, air quality and psychological, physiological components of comfort separately or globally.

We are looking for papers following but not limited to the tracks and topics listed in the conference program and in the bottom of this page.

The conference is open to scientists and industrialists for the presentation of academic and/or industrial projects.

Deadline :

The call of paper is open until 31 December 2020.

The deadline is postponed to January 15, 2021

Format and content

Language: English

Length: 2-3 pages, in pdf.


  • Autours and laboratory.
  • Title of the presentation
  • Domains (for example: Acoustic, Energy, Sociology, ergonomics etc…)
  • Topic and context
  • Research methodology
  • Scientific innovation
  • Short description of Results (even preliminary results)
  • Conclusions and perspectives

References of scientist publication issue to this work can be precise.

Submission address and contact

The papers have to be sent to this email address: 

All questions can be adress at this email.

Your papers will be accepted or refused by the scientist committee, within two weeks.  

In case of acceptation: your inscription is automatically done. And we return to you to give all information’s to the Visio conference, and the technical need. 


Duration : 15 min

Questions : 5 min

Language : English

Presentations will be translated into French for a French-speaking industrial audience.

Visioconférence with ZOOM.

Presentation Competition

The best presentation will be primed with financial prize:

First prize: 1500 euros

Second prize: 1000 euros.

Third prize: 500 euros

And four additional prize of 500 euros, dedicated for PhD student presentation.

Rules of the competition are coming soon.

Furthermore: best papers will be selected and recommended for possible publication in a special issue in International Journal of Energy, Environment and Economics . Note   that   they   have   to   be reviewed based  on  journal  requirements.


1. Comfort and its different components in the built environment.

  • Methods of comfort measurement;
  • The parametric approach to one aspect of comfort (indices, physical, physiological parameters measured, etc.);
  • Appraisal of the overall comfort and as related to specific types of comfort;
  • The human factors and how they relate to comfort: the psychological and physiological aspects, the ethnic, sociological, and geographical dimensions, etc.;
  • Comfort for vulnerable groups (disabled people, older people);
  • Integrating comfort in the design and conception of buildings;
  • New methodologies of estimating the comfort of an individual (metadata, big data, etc.).

2. Comfort: Impact of health crisis and climate change

  • The impact of confinement on comfort;
  • Impacts of climate change on different aspects of comfort (thermal, sanitary, acoustic, security);  
  • Relationship between comfort and adaptation of individuals to changes (health, climate);
  • Comfort and sustainable building: relationships and contextualization.
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