“Human Comfort in Buildings 2021” Conference focuses on two tracks :

  1. Comfort and its different components in the built environment.
  • Methods of comfort measurement;
  • The parametric approach to one aspect of comfort (indices, physical, physiological parameters measured, etc.);
  • Appraisal of the overall comfort and as related to specific types of comfort;
  • The human factors and how they relate to comfort: the psychological and physiological aspects, the ethnic, sociological, and geographical dimensions, etc.;
  • Comfort for vulnerable groups (disabled people, older people);
  • Integrating comfort in the design and conception of buildings;
  • New methodologies of estimating the comfort of an individual (metadata, big data, etc.).

2. Comfort: Impact of health crisis and climate change

  • The impact of confinement on comfort;
  • Impacts of climate change on different aspects of comfort (thermal, sanitary, acoustic, security);  
  • Relationship between comfort and adaptation of individuals to changes (health, climate);
  • Comfort and sustainable building: relationships and contextualization.
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