HUMAN COMFORT IN BUILDINGS – An Interdisciplinary Approach in a Time of Climate Change


JANUARY 28 –29, 2021

Language: English (French-English translation)


Best papers will be selected and recommended for possible publication in a special issue in International Journal of Energy, Environment and Economics . Note   that   they   have   to   be reviewed based  on  journal  requirements.

Journal homepage : https://novapublishers.com/shop/international-journal-of-energy-environment-and-economics/

The best presentation will be primed with financial prize:

First prize: 1500 euros

Second prize: 1000 euros.

Third prize: 500 euros

And four additional prize of 500 euros, dedicated for PhD student presentation

The deadline submission is postponed to January 15, 2021


In response to the comfort challenges and the context of health crisis and global warming, the EPF Graduate School of Engineering is launching in January 2021, a series of international conferences dedicated to comfort and well-being in the built environment.

This first conference was to be held in Troyes in January 2021 but due to the health crisis, this conference is going digital and will be held on January 28-29, 2021 online.

The series goal is to create a multi- and inter-disciplinary platform for professionals to rethink the conventions of comfort by bringing together the main contributors to a safe and healthy built environment: researchers in science and technology, in humanities and social sciences, designers, industrialists, government and policymakers.

While aiming to carry out a comprehensive approach to the concept of comfort and well-being in the integrated building design and city planning, the conference will also pay particular attention to vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities and the elderly.

The concept of comfort will be addressed in its main dimensions: thermal, mechanical, visual, acoustic, air quality, and in consideration of the human factor in terms of needs, adaptability, behavioral, cultural, and social aspects related to the perception of comfort.

The conference in Troyes will focus on two main themes. The first will call for multidisciplinary approaches to the assessment and measuring methodologies of comfort in the built environment. In contrast, the second will place the comfort components in the context of health crises and climate change.


The EPF Graduate School of Engineering has been training innovative, responsible, internationally oriented engineers for over ninety-five years. Created in Sceaux in 1925 by Marie-Louise Paris – a pioneer of scientific education for women and an engineer herself, EPF preserved and developed the pioneering spirit over the years. By promoting high standards of its academic programs, EPF developed strong relationships with local institutions and research centers and established a broad network of partner companies and generated over twelve thousand alumni. The school offers eight majors and several approved internships throughout the curriculum.

Why the conference “Human Comfort in Buildings” takes place for the first time.

The Human Comfort in Buildings 2020 conference (HCB 2021) is the first edition of a series of international and annual scientific conferences on the theme of well-being and comfort in urban environments and habitats.

HCB 2021 is conceived as a platform for interdisciplinary exchanges through presentations of research work and innovations open to scientists from “hard” and human and social sciences, as well as industrial partners and local communities. The objective is to encourage transversal collaborations around innovative approaches and new conventions of comfort for contributing to contextualization, improvement, and optimization of the individual’s well-being.

By this, HCB 2021 is a premiere that aims to prefigure the future conferences of the 21st century. By bringing together the issues and stakeholders of a given theme (comfort) while taking into consideration environmental (climate change, COVID-19 type health crises) and societal (energy transition, confinement, digitization, and home automation) factors, the conference has in view to ultimately be at the service of human beings in their environment.


Conference secretariat

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message at registrationhcb@epf.fr

EPF Parisian campus
3 bis rue Lakanal
92330 Sceaux
Tél: 01 41 13 01 51
Fax: 01 46 60 39 94

EPF campus in Troyes La Champagne
2, rue F. Sastre
10430 Rosières-près-Troyes
Tél: 03 25 70 77 19

EPF campus in Montpellier Méditéranée
21, Boulevard Berthelot
34000 Montpellier
Tél: 04 99 65 41 81

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